Collection and Publication Fund

The goals of the Member Association KITLV include maintaining and expanding its collection with the aim to promote the study of the linguistics, ethnology and history Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and the Caribbean. Dissemination and disclosure, elucidation and explanation of sources, themes and subjects relevant to the Association are important to reach and inform scientific as well as wider audiences. The Association supports member initiatives in these areas. Member-initiated activities might include: disclosure of and commenting upon archival materials or audiovisual collections, providing subtitles for documentaries, preparing the Open Access release of sources or books, museum projects, digitization projects etc.

The board prefers that the use of this fund will be geared at disclosure of the KITLV collection. Disclosure activities regarding other collections can only be considered for support if this directly benefits the goals of the member association and if this enriches the KITLV collection (for instance by adding a digital copy to the KITLV collection).

As disclosure is vital to attaining the Association’s goals, the KITLV board makes available  €15,000 annually for a Collection and Publication Fund. This budget will be drawn from the funds that became available when the KITLV Publishing House was transfered to Brill Publishers. As of 1-1-2017, €88,950 is available.

Proposals can be submitted by members of the Association. A proposal will meet the following criteria:

  • A concise description of the proposed disclosure activity and an argumentation how the activity contributes to the spreading and development of the themes and goals of the Association.
  • A description of the target audience and why it can best be reached through the proposed disclosure activity.
  • A CV of the applicant(s).
  • An argued and specified budget.
  • An indication of the development of the overall project for which support is proposed: what has been produced, what remains to be realized.
  • A time schedule for the proposed disclosure activity.

Proposals for Open Access support of scientific work executed in the direct service of a university or research institute will be excluded. In the opinion of the board, Open Access publication of such work is the primary responsibility of the employer, the academic institution which should facilitate and finance Open Access channels for its employees.


Proposals can be submitted four times a year (1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December) two weeks prior to the quarterly board meeting. Activities can also be approved for a date later than the immediate quarter after submission.


The board of the Member Association KITLV decides on awarding or dismissing the proposal and will inform the applicant thereof. There can be no appeal against decisions of the board.

Contact: [email protected].